Antioxidant Skin Care: Coffee Berry Extract

source:flickr by:rogiro

source:flickr by:rogiro

Antioxidant Ingredient Close-up: Coffee Berry Extract

What’s the one antioxidant that’s supposed to provide the best protection against UVA rays, UVB rays and age-accelerating free radicals? Nope, it’s not pomegranate, blueberry, acai or goji, but a relatively new antioxidant skin care ingredient: coffee berry extract, known by its proprietary name, CoffeeBerry. In fact, CoffeeBerry can contain 15,000 to 17,500 ORAC units, higher than even green tea antioxidant.

Coffee berries are the delicate, cherry-like fruit of the coffea arabica plant. It is inside the coffee berries that our coffee beans — which are actually seeds — are found. Because coffee berries are so fragile and perishable, their flesh was always discarded during the harvesting of the coffee berry seeds. However, since the discovery of the coffee berry’s exceptional antioxidant benefits, the flesh of the berries has become as prized as the seeds.

It is believed that coffee berries are so rich in antioxidant polyphenols because they grow near the equator in harsh conditions at high altitudes. Here, the sun’s rays are exceptionally strong, providing a heavy dose of oxidation to the plants. In order to survive, the plants must create natural antioxidants to protect themselves against free radicals. Coffee berry plants make many polyphenols and phenolic acids, including ferulic acid, chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, and proanthocyanidina.

CoffeeBerry is used as an anti aging skin care treatment by only a handful of skin care companies, including Revaleskin and Priori. As a skin antioxidant, CoffeeBerry neutralizes oxidizing radicals in order to prevent collagen damage, reduce wrinkles, and protect against other sun-related damages. In addition, CoffeeBerry may provide anti-inflammatory actions, a benefit which can further reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging.

Clearly, CoffeeBerry is an ingredient you’d like to see in your antioxidant skin care products. Paired with other CoffeeBerry products or a solid anti-aging beauty care regimen featuring other antioxidant sources, CoffeeBerry is sure to provide you with visible anti-aging benefits, including fewer wrinkles and signs of sun damage.

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